Makkum/Kornwerderzand/De Houw

Makkum/Kornwerderzand/De Houw


De Houw

The NE part of the Ijsselmeer offers some of the most enjoyable speed venues in the northern part of Holland. With three separate speedstrips you have plenty of options to have a great speedsession. The fastest of those is De Houw which is represented by the arrow in the red zone on the map above. The red zone represents a nature reserve. This reserve is only accessible for windsurfers from 15/06-30/08. You windsurf behind a sandbank here and the water is usually very shallow. The stronger SW winds you have the higher the water level rises, of course. I would recommend to only go to DeHouw with winds of >20kts and fins of >25cm.

A second interesting option is to start from Kornwerderzand and access the opposite side of the sandbank. Be careful here as there are a few sandbanks reaching out further into the Ijsselmeer. With NE winds this spot can also be fast, especially when it gets stronger and the water level decreases as the sandbank is drained then and the water surface gets flatter. There is a row of yellow buoys marking the beginning of the nature reserve zone; if you go to the East of those buoys you might run in trouble with the authorities (outside the times De Houw is opened).

The third option is to start from Makkum itself with SW winds and go to the south of Makkum close to the shore line. I have never tried this myself but have been told the water level has to be just perfect; with strong but not to strong SW winds speeds of 40kts+ have been recorded there.

If none of the speedspots work, you can always just cruise around outside of Makkum and have fun in the chop 😉

PB’s Makkum De Houw Kornwerderzand
2 sec 29,67 kts 34,21 kts 34,01 kts
5×10 sec 26,93 kts 32,08 kts 32,57 kts
500 m 25,47 kts 31,14 kts 29,91 kts