möhnesee panorama

The Möhnesee is my homespot and where I train mostly. It is located between Soest and Arnsberg and is best accessible via the A44. The best winddirection is W or E. As soon as the wind kicks in here small chop immediatly starts building which does not make it ideal for speedsurfing, my Vmax here i 34 knots. The wind is also quite gusty since the lake is surrounded by small hills. Over the summer and usually when its sunny there are some days with Eastwind, which is usually ~2 knots stronger than on the forecast and the most constant wind we get here. It usually does not get much stronger then 15Möhnesee 15.11.2015 07 knots here. The best conditions are usually in late autumn and spring, anytime when there is a big low pressure system coming in from over the Atlantic. When that happens the wind can get very strong with up to 50 knots and conditions can get quite radical with bigger chop or smaller waves over the lake. Other then that there are no thermal effects coming into play at this spot. Average windy days (≥4 bft) are usually between 40-70 days per year.