büsum speed
Büsum speedsurfing

Büsum is a small town located at the North sea, about a one hour drive from Hamburg. While the small town is best known as a destination for vacation and the fishing of north sea crabs, it offers some of Germany’s fastest runways for speedsurfers.

The tidal creeks in which high speeds are possible are only sailable at low tide of course. With a mean tidal amplitude of 4m the window in which the spot is sailable is quite large however with ~2-4 hours per tide. However local factors like strong onshore winds or spring tides can make the spot difficult to sail or even unsailable.

The neat thing about this speed location is that there are a variety of tidal creeks sailable that each work best at a different windangle making the spot very versatile. There basically are 3 different places where you can sail: The Southern creek, the main creek and “Mannis Blutrinne“. The Southern creek works best with incoming tide and a windangle of 210-240°. The main creek is fastest with outgoing water and a windangle of 300-330°, while Mannis Blutrinne can be sailed either way with outgoing tide and a windangle of 280-310° or with incoming water and 280-240°. As it was not possible for me to find some good satellite coverage of the area at lowtide I made a little sketch to give an impression of the spots:

Büsum spotguide
Büsum spotguide

Keep in mind however, that the spot changes quite a bit each year. The courses can change, fill with sand, build some dangerous sandbanks, etc. If you are coming to Büsum for the first time I recommend to check the spot walking down the course one time before sailing.

As the spot in Vollerwiek is no longer a good option because the creek filled with sand over the last years, leaving no time for 5 runs; it is safe to say that Büsum is now the fastest spot in Germany. A lot of the German speedsurfers meet here when the conditions are right and many achieve their best speeds here!