Sonderby mapThis spot is located at the very northern end of the Ringköbing fjord. It is best accessible via the road from Sondervig to Ringköbing, taking a right turn 3 km after leaving Sondervig, there is a sign marking Sonderby, to.

The best spot to start is the area I marked by a little hut on the map. You can rig on the grass right next to the water and a big bonus are 3 huts open to everyone, where you can just relax for a while, or warm up when the temperatures are low. The spot usually is not good for windsurfers, but only for kitesurfers, as the water level is very shallow (10-30cm). Only with S to SE wind the spot shows its potential, being probably the fastest spot in the entire fjord. With this wind direction the water gets pushed into the area and makes it a great spot for windsurfers to, as the chop is very small contrary to Hvide Sande. As you can see on the little map above there is a sandbank connected with two little bridges to the shore. This bank is really flat and with no obstacles to distract the wind makes for a great speedspot. The length of the sandbank is about 400m, with chop coming down below the bridges to both sides of the sandbank, which can make for some challenging stops.

With almost 37kts on my first visit here, the spot is worth checking out for sure with the right wind conditions. My guess would be a speedpotential of 45kts+ on the right day, though unfortunately SSE wind directions are really unlikely in this part of Europe, so the spot only works a handful of times a year…