DWC Grömitz – 9 races in Slalom and Formula

Last weekend my regatta-season kicked off at Grömitz, and we were very lucky with the wind, as we finished 7 Formula-racings and 2 complete Slalom eliminations. Despite some Ups and Downs I managed to finish in 18th place overall out of 54 contenders.

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Speedsurfing @ Steinhude with light E-winds

I have not been so busy working on my blog lately, but I managed to get out on the water quite a few times in the last two weeks and make some progress in my windsurfing.

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new perspectives and a trip to speed paradise 40,94kts

speedsurfing 41 kts
speedsurfing 41 kts

Today I finally found some time to get back to writing a bit on this blog. A lot has happened for me this past month. Starting nautical science in Elsfleth I finally moved to the north of Germany and I’m really excited to live close to so many nice spots now, e.g. Lauwersmeer, Dorum, Zwischenahner Meer, Großes Meer, etc. I can’t wait to try out some of these spots soon and hopefully continue my speedquest in the Netherlands and the German mud flats…

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rough conditions and hard crashes

KA Race 2014 5,5
KA Race 2014 5,5

Monday we’ve had the strongest wind in a while at Strand Horst. With 30-42 kts of wind everyone rigged 5,5m sails and 44-50cm speedboards. I was on my 5,5m KA Race/HTS SR 49/21cm C3 Slingshot again which is a combination I feel very comfortable on.

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the perfect season for speed – new records :)

topspeed 29.01
topspeed 29.01

Winter is the perfect season for speedsailing in northern Europe. We have had some good winds in January and February and also some manageable temperatures. The result is a new Personal Best for me.

The last time I broke my PB was in February 2015, so I’m very happy to have beaten myself 11 months later in worse conditions, showing I did improve my sailing a bit this past year.

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First session 2016/ winter windsurfing

Möhnesee winter windsurfing
Möhnesee winter windsurfing

Today I did my first session in 2016. Unlike december, now in january the winter has arrived. I used my Tabou Manta 85 with 9,5 Vapor and 49cm Sonntag fin again. It is great to cruise around for awhile in winter when no one else is on the lake and I have it all to myself. With 3 degrees it has been my coldest session this year and I do not go out when it’s freezing. Here are a couple things I can recommend to keep warmer and safer in winter:

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My windsurfing 2015/ Expectation for 2016

2015 has passed and the new year has just begun. This is a good point to review my year and set goals for the next one. Without a doubt it has been my best year on the water so far and also the year where I have progressed the most.

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