the perfect season for speed – new records :)

topspeed 29.01
topspeed 29.01

Winter is the perfect season for speedsailing in northern Europe. We have had some good winds in January and February and also some manageable temperatures. The result is a new Personal Best for me.

The last time I broke my PB was in February 2015, so I’m very happy to have beaten myself 11 months later in worse conditions, showing I did improve my sailing a bit this past year.

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First session 2016/ winter windsurfing

Möhnesee winter windsurfing
Möhnesee winter windsurfing

Today I did my first session in 2016. Unlike december, now in january the winter has arrived. I used my Tabou Manta 85 with 9,5 Vapor and 49cm Sonntag fin again. It is great to cruise around for awhile in winter when no one else is on the lake and I have it all to myself. With 3 degrees it has been my coldest session this year and I do not go out when it’s freezing. Here are a couple things I can recommend to keep warmer and safer in winter:

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My windsurfing 2015/ Expectation for 2016

2015 has passed and the new year has just begun. This is a good point to review my year and set goals for the next one. Without a doubt it has been my best year on the water so far and also the year where I have progressed the most.

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5 fastest speedsurfing spots in 2015


2015 has been a great year for speedsurfing. A new world record over the 500m distance has been set with an astonishing 53,27 kts, done by Antoine Albeau during the Luderitz Speed Challenge. But not only have the speeds increased bigtime in the man-made channel, but also speeds have risen all over the natural speedspots around the world. In this article I will present you the 5 fastest spots in 2015, according to the highest peakspeeds recorded on

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more Slalom / improved topspeeds

manta 85, topspeed
topspeed manta 85

Since my last posting I have been pretty busy. Having warm temperatures with wind almost every day right before christmas makes for some busy days. I got two more very nice sessions on the Möhnesee on my 85 Manta with 9,5, ending up with a topspeed of 31,08 knots. This is an improvement of 1,7 knots for this kit ( previously 29,28 knots). Continue reading “more Slalom / improved topspeeds”

Slalom testing (Sonntag fins/Tabou Manta)

slalom reflexI’m very happy to be able to still get out on the water, despite it being a couple days before christmas now. With the strange weather we are having these last few days I was able to get out on the water three days in a row now. Continue reading “Slalom testing (Sonntag fins/Tabou Manta)”

My Approach to GPS-Speedsurfing

speedsurfing la franqui
Speedsurfing La Franqui

When it comes to speedsurfing there generally seem to be two kind of windsurfers. On the one hand there is the kind of surfer that gets onto the kit and goes surfing without a break until he’s to tired to continue. On the other hand many speeders wait around a lot to catch the perfect gust at their best energy level to get the magic run.

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