C3 Slingshot

C3, slingshot
C3 Slingshot 21

Even though this fin is already a little older, it is one of my most-loved speedfins and is still used alot by many speeders. It is a very well finished G10 fin, and among the first wide-base designs. This offers alot more surface at smaller lengths. For example my 21cm Slingshot is compareable to a 24-25cm conventional speedfin.  This means you can ride in shallower, flatter water then you could on a conventional design. Nowadays wide-base fins are used quite often in the speedsurfing world.

The G10 material is very durable and resistant. Even though I try to avoid it, I sometimes make bottom-contact while speeding; with this fin I hardly noticed any scratches on the tip though.

I found this fin to be very easy under the feet. Even in rough conditions I did not have any spinouts. I did have to push the fin a little harder then a convential speedfin to slingshot downwind. I use the 21cm fin on my 49cm HTS speedboard with 5.4. to 6.4m sails and also use it on my 44cm Carbon Art speed with 5.4m-5.6m sails. Even with the 6.4 I still get upwind easily.

I can only recommend this fin especially in flatter water. The speeds are not so different compared to conventional speedfins, I myself got up to 38 knots on the C3 Slingshot being on a 6,4m sail.