L 230cm W 49cm V 72l

IMAG0132This board is my favorite tool for speedsurfing, which I am the fastest on in most conditions.

The board is constructed in 2009 but still has a very modern shape with a length of just 230cm and a weight of <5.0 kg. Due to the concave bottomshape in the front the board can also handle chop quite well for a speedboard. The tail is very flat and narrow which results in very good topsspeeds.

You should use racesails from 5,4m-7,0m on this board. My personal favorite here is a 6,4m sail, which gives me a lot more upwind capabilities then a 7,0 and also better speeds. I often take the 6,4 with this board even when the wind is not that strong.

The fins I use the most here are a 25cm Select Caspar Speed Custom fin for the lower end and deeper water and a 21cm C3 slingshot for shallow water and higher wind speeds.

I especially like this board in winds of 22-35 knots (6-8bft). Of course the board can also take more wind, but a 45cm speedboard might! be faster then. I would guess the highest possible topspeed on this board to be somewhere in the 46-47 knots. My personal best so far  is 40,04 knots topspeed and 36,45 knots average on this board.