winter melancholy and a new season ahead

I wake up. I get up and walk past the window. I look out onto the lake and the view sets me off into a mood of melancholy. The lake is still almost completly frozen. Only a small strip of water is showing some little waves. A light breeze of easterly winds is blowing over the frozen lake. Thoughts of grabbing the biggest Formula kit and surfing in the strip of open water come to my mind. I walk out onto the balcony with my morning coffee and walk back in after a couple of seconds. Off course it is still far to cold to think about going out on the water. Another night with -5°C. Another day without Windsurfing. It has been almost two months since the last session. With two weeks left of vacation the hope for warmer weather and the first sessions after a long abstinence fade.

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DWC Grömitz – 9 races in Slalom and Formula

Last weekend my regatta-season kicked off at Grömitz, and we were very lucky with the wind, as we finished 7 Formula-racings and 2 complete Slalom eliminations. Despite some Ups and Downs I managed to finish in 18th place overall out of 54 contenders.

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