About me

21743090_1602216486495738_6263111818738767295_nHi there,

My name is Nils Bach and I started this blog since windsurfing has become a big part of my life. On this blog I want to share my thoughts, experiences, findings and basically everything windsurf-related with you.

My disciplines in which I compete are Speed, Slalom and Formula. I have just started competing in 2014 and participated in 10 events (9 Slalom/Formula, 1 speed event) so far. I will compete in several events in 2016 again and am looking to further improve my windsurfing.


Some results:


  • 10th Racer of the Lake
  • 1st guest (18th overall) German Speed Nationals
  • 40,85kts 5x10sec, 43,41 kts Vmax, 38,05 kts 500m


  • 18th overall DWC Grömitz
    • 17th Formula Racing
    • 22nd Slalom
  • 18th overall/ 3rd Binnen German Speed King
  • 40,72kts 5×10 sec, 43,08 kts Vmax, 39,83 kts 500m


  • 22nd Formula Racing Rollei Surf & SUP Opening Fehmarn
  • 35th Slalom Rollei Surf & SUP Opening Fehmarn
  • 28th Overall Year Ranking GWA
  • 38th Speed Mondial Du Vent (31,37kts 500m)
  • 24th overall/ 3rd Rookie German Speed King
  • 36,45 kts 5×10 sec, 40,04 kts Vmax, 36,24 kts 500m


  • 41th Slalom Rollei Surf & SUP Opening Fehmarn
  • 27th Slalom Year Ranking GWA
  • 32,25 kts 5×10 sec, 34,85 kts Vmax, 31,66 kts 500m