My fastest session ever!

October… the time of the year when summer has said its farewells and fall has arrived. This year fall has come with a big bang for me. The 2nd October should be the day for me to sail faster than ever before…

The days prior to my session the forecast showed good winds for a while now, but with every forecast the predicted wind direction changed a lot. I was pretty sure that Büsum in northern Germany would be a good pick for the day, but with a big wind swing throughout the day I wasn’t exactly sure which creek to sail in as there were two good options.

However the morning of October 2nd I arrived at the spot, checked the wind direction and it was pretty clear the Blutrinne would be the better option as this creek would be broader than the other. I was pretty nervous and didn’t sleep much the night before as this was the first day for months that we had a chance to sail small gear in northern Germany and I knew there would be a potential to break records. So I rigged my 5.4m Warp, 44cm Fanatic Falcon Speed and a 21cm feinefinne Beast asy and started walking out towards the creek.

Warp speedsurfing
Warp speedsurfing

Walking out was tough as the wind was howling, but it also got me pretty excited to what would await me on the water. I knew the speeds wouldn’t be excellent from the beginning as the water was flowing out as the wind was pushing into the creek at the beginning of the session. Sailing my first run that was exactly the problem. The opposing wind and current created a lot of chop on the run and the speeds were only around 36-37 knots. I hoped for more…

As the session progressed the conditions got better and better with the low water bringing the current to a stop. The runs went up and got better and better. 36kts… 37kts… 38kts… 37kts… 40.5kts… 40kts… 39kts… 42.10kts…

Wait what? I just made a run of 42 knots… My record over 5x10sec being 41.68 knots I knew this could be a potential record session now; I just had to get 4 more consistent runs before the tide went to high again. Next run… 43.8 knots peakspeed… CRASH!!!

speedsurf crash
speedsurf crash

Sh*t, I crashed over some chop at the end of my run at over 40knots. Hitting the water I just thought the session would be over now, my gear can’t possibly be in one piece. I swam back to the gear got it into a water starting position and… it was all intact, nothing broken, not even a dent in the board! I guess I really got lucky there.

After this crash I needed some runs to get my confidence back, however 2 runs later I was already in the 42 knot area again. A couple runs later I knew I broke my speedrecord now. What a feeling!!! An average of 42,03 knots! What a great day on the water! My gear was working perfectly and I was on the right place at the right time. Let’s see what the rest of fall will bring!


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