windy fall – training session in Herkingen

This time of year it’s fairly windy in Northern Europe. I’ve got some nice training sessions in already, but I’m still looking for that one windy day to break record. In the meantime I try to train as much as possible on the water to keep progressing in lighter winds and of course to be ready for the real record-breaking conditions

Last weekend I went to Herkingen in the southern part of the Netherlands. Herkingen is a small village at the Grevelingenmeer. The little harbour is protected by a jetty that is going out into the lake for about 800m. As it is just barely high enough to break the waves it is perfect for flat-water-speedsurfing.

The wind wasn’t all that strong last weekend so I used the Isonic 87 with a FeineFinne Bastard 30cm and a 7.0m Reflex 6. With winds of 18-25knots this setup was not really powered up and the speeds were only around 32-35 knots. However I loved the atmosphere at this location with a lot of dutch speedsurfers on the place. Here is the video from my GoPro Hero 6:

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