short trip to La Franqui with some records

La Franqui speed
La Franqui speed

Last weekend I made a spontaneous choice to drive dwown to La Franqui for a 4 day weekend. I was eager to test my new board and new fins and the forecast looked really solid for some good speedsurfing days. Here is a little recap:

Day 1

After 1500kms I arrived on Friday around noon at the spot. I was greeted by a big cloud that blocked all the wind for the moment. So I relaxed a bit and slowly rigged my 5,6. Around 14:00 I went on the water with around 18-20 knots. In this wind I was training the start with the 44 board, which is not so easy. Luckily the clouds cleared a little more and around 15:00 the conditions were quite good, no rolling chop, no waves and some wind; maybe 25-35 knots. In this half an hour of good conditions I broke the 44 knots three times with my best peak beign a 44,5. I could also break my average speed record with 41 knots. Towards the evening the conditions deteriorated again, so I saved some energy for the next 3 days.

Day 2

After a good nights sleep and some French breakfast I rolled up to the beach again. This is always quite an experience as you literally drive 1.5 km over a beach and at times through the water to get to the spot. However the conditions were not playing ball as we’ve had some swell coming in onto the speed course, breaking on the beach or the sandbanks. With the swell the sandbanks changed to and it was not possible to sail over some of them any more like the day before. Around noon I made some runs, again on 5,6 and the 44, but the wind was not quite as strong as the day before. I ended up with almost 43 knots topspeed nonetheless. It was quite nice talking to old and new friends on the beach and talking about what we all love: speedwindsurfing.

Day 3

the beach tries to take my gear
the beach tries to take my gear
some wind...
some wind…

From the start this was supposed to be the strongest day of the 4. With this in mind I arrived shortly after sunset, as the wind usually increases more towards noon. I had hoped that the swell from the day before would be gone, but unfortunately it was still there. I still rigged my gear, except this day I immediately went for the 5,1; my smallest racesail! I made exactly one run this day! The course was so choppy that it was quite dangerous! On top of the rolling waves there was some nasty rolling chop, so good speeds were not possible… the one run I did I had a 37 knots 10s average… A little later Andy Laufer arrived to the spot. When I made my run it was maybe 40 knots of wind, now however it had increased to 50kts+, so Andy went out with a 4,7 racesail!!! It was crazy watching him fly over the waves on the edge of control! After 2 rather frustating days all hopes were now on the last day…

Day 4

La Franqui - on the run
La Franqui – on the run with 6,2

My last day on the spot before the Tramontana wind was supposed to die down again… It was not so strong (20-30kts) and the swell was still there… Nonetheless it was probably the most fun day, as the course was flatter for sure than the last day. We only had a course with a length of ~400-500 meters, as the sandbanks limited our run. I used a 6,2 in the lighter wind and even put on some weight in form of putting sand in my Impact vest.

La Franqui - accelarating with 6,2
La Franqui – accelarating with 6,2

I made more than 40 runs that day and in the sun with a lot of speedsurfers on the water it was a pleasure to sail. I also love the combination of the 6,2 sail on the 44 board. I made some runs close to 40 knots all the time and in the end I made one good run with a 41kts 10s. This resulted in my best speed with a 6,2 sail: 40,03 knots on the 5x10sec average. So after a last good day I only had to drive back home… 1500kms… but that was absolutely worth it!

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