Speedday at Steinhude with 7,0m – new faces

steinhude plankenreiter
Steinhuder Meer Speed (13.09.2017) thanks to Plankenreiter for the pic

On Saturday we had another good speedday with the Steinhuder crew. The forecast looked pretty great with a steady 19kts gusting up to 35kts eventually. Unfortunately the wind was accompanied by a lot of rain. Rain in combination with SW wind is usually not good at Steinhude, and as a matter of fact the wind never reached 35kts. On top of that the water level is very high at the moment because we’ve had a lot of rain in the last weeks. Usually it’s around 110cm, on Saturday we had 124cm. This makes the water more choppy.

However the day still turned out really good. Ralf Ewers, Patrick Miller, and myself all grabbed our 7,0 whilst Colin Stutzke used his 6,2. SW is the perfect direction for Steinhude, so the speeds were good from the start. I tried a new 30cm slalom prototype by FeineFinnen.com which has a new concept for higher speeds. As of right now I cannot reveal more about this project, but it certainly turned out to be working really well and I am amazed by the oppurtunities this offers. I clocked my highest peakspeed with a 7,0 at 37kts maxspeed and also did my best Alpha500 at Steinhude with 24kts, whilst the wind was gusting up to ~30kts.

dayranking Steinhude - 07.10.2017
dayranking Steinhude – 07.10.2017 http://gps-speedsurfing.com

It was good to see a new face again with Patrick Miller at Steinhude, who did well on his first session here! I also want to give a shoutout to Colin Stutzke who managed to come just 0,2 knots shy of his PB, next time mate! 😉

All time spot ranking - Steinhuder Meer
All time spot ranking – Steinhuder Meer GPS-speedsurfing

In the last weeks with the storms that have been hitting Germany we saw quite a lot of new faces at Steinhude. It’s great to see our speedsurfing community grow as the level also rises. It’s great to have some people on the water pushing each other to higher and higher speeds. This year we have four new people in the Top 10 of the spot ranking!

Sadly our season here is slowly coming to a close as it’s prohibited to surf at Steinhude between November-March, so we only have a couple days left in 2017. In the winter I will travel to different spots, but I can’t wait for next season, which I hope will produce even higher speeds. I hope to see many of you on the water again in 2018!


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