40,8 kts on Slalombord

It’s been a couple of busy weeks for me with quite some windsurfing over the summer, but now I finally found some time to review some of my highlights this summer. Firstly I managed to achieve one of my goals I’ve had for quite some time now; to go 40 knots on a slalomboard.

On September, 11th the forecast promised some wind again in Germany as well as in the Netherlands. I was undecided between my homespot, the Steinhuder lake and Strand Horst in the Netherlands. In the end I went to the Netherlands because the forecast showed more wind; 20kts gusting up to 32.

Strand Horst is always quite a busy place when it’s windy and when I arrived I already saw a good crowd of speedsurfers. Most of them were on 6,3s with their big(ger) speedboards. As I just received a new 30cm slalomfin prototype from feinefinnen.com I was eager to test it, so I went a little big and paired my 6,2 Reflex with the 87l Slalomboard instead of a speedboard.

The wind would have been enough to get the speedboard flying, however I was glad I went out on the slalomboard, as I was having the best time! No standing around waiting for a gust to launch in medium winds but a lot of powered jibes was really enjoyable. On top of that I was really quick on the 87l board, managing to fly past the 40 knots with a 40,87kts peak and a 37,19 knot average! It felt like there was still some room to go even faster with more wind, but honestly the fastest sessions are usually the ones where you feel like you can handle an extra 5kts. I am starting to feel really comfortable on the Isonic, especially with the new fin; now my goal is to push this board to even higher speeds, so let’s see how that goes 😉


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