discovering the “Watt” – North Germany’s undiscovered speed-gems

One of the most unique aspects of our sport has always been the discovering and exploring of new ventures. Exploring new places is a lot of fun and in terms of speedsurfing there are a lot of components that have to come together to achieve good speeds past the 40kts barrier.

In Germany at the North Seas there are some good speedsurfing spots in the Watt that have created some records and PB’s, for example Vollerwiek, Büsum and Dorum. The problem is that a lot of these spots offer only a relatively small time window with good conditions for speedsurfing, some of which even less than one hour, depending on the tide. Because of this I don’t like to travel to long for a short speedsurfing session (except if the conditions are awesome).

Speedsurfing Fedderwarder Priel
Speedsurfing Fedderwarder Priel

As a result I turned my eye towards some spots in the local area; one of which being Fedderwardersiel. There only have been a handful of sessions posted here over the last years, mainly because the required winddirection (N-O) are quite rarely strong ennough for speedsurfing. However last week there was a day on offer with a forecasted 20-30kts NO wind and a good low tide in the early afternoon.

However the day did not turn out as good as in the forecast, and the wind was only around 15-20kts, sometimes down to 13kts… We gave it a try anyway and surfed the 2nd Priel (image) with just enough wind to get planing with 7,0m sails. On top of the light wind the wind was completely square (90°), which is not good for high speeds, but in this case actually helped, because with only 4-5bft it would not have been possible to sail back and forth with a more broad course.


Despite the relatively low speeds (see day ranking) I take a lot of positive things with me from that session. The spot is really cool, as you can start directly by the water with a walk of only ~50m to the Priel. The best thing was however that there is a big time-window at this spot. We sailed for 2.5h and there was still about one more sailable hour left at the Priel. Also the Priel is deep enough even at the lowest tide to safely sail.

What we need now is a day with a slightly deeper angle (either NNO or ONO – not NO) and some stronger wind, and I believe we can go a lot faster than 40kts here.

Z-Fins Speed Asy
Z-Fins Speed Asy

Also this session gave me confidence that there are some more spots close-by that just have not been discovered yet by speedsurfers, for example in the Wilhelmshaven area, or a bit further North at Neuharlingersiel. I am watching all the forecasts and tide-tables to go discovering a bit more. Also I am on hold for the next record-day at Büsum. For that I have invested in a couple of Z-Asy-Speed Fins to gain that extra knot 😉 Until the next posts!

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