Racer of the Lake @ Steinhude – 8 Races!

Last weekend the first race of the season took place at the Steinhuder Meer. With 8 full-fleet Slalom eliminations in 4-6 bft SE wind it was a very successful start to the racing-season.

The first day I did all my races on my 7,8 Reflex 4 with my 129l Tabou Manta and a 43cm Z-Fin. This combination went better and better as the wind improved. In a fleet of 35 Racers and Freeracers my results on the first day were 11-14-10-10-9. The last Race was my best but also the hardest as the wind turned strong for my big Slalomkit 😉 It was crucial to start at the boat end upwind of the big field in a full-fleet start to be able to get some good wind and a quick run to the first jibemark, which was ~1km away from the start. This means the race was almost long-distance style 😉

The second day the wind was on the lighter start and I tuned and trimmed my 8,6 Reflex 4 early in the morning to be ready. The first Race of the day I had a really good start on the boat end, but unfortunately went down on the first jibe mark. I got quickly back up on the board, but my winter-boots were pulled halfway down, so I could not get into the footstraps, and had to fix that issue while planing to the next jibemark…

I guess I should buy some new boots…!!! 😉

After that race the wind turned really light and a lot of riders were not planing during the races. In the second light-wind race I stalled a couple of times and had a 14th place finish, so I tried to improve by sliding the mastfoot forward and the boom a little bit up. I also changed my fin to a 46cm Sonntag SL-R. This gave me some improvements and in the last race of the day I did a 9th place finish again.

Overall I achieved a 10th place at the Racer of the Lake. It was a really fun training event with a good atmosphere, which gave me the Chance to see where I’m at at the beginning of the season. I am looking Forward for part 2 of this Event which will take place in fall.

Link to the event-site: Racer of the lake


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