Blasting at the Lauwersmeer with new fin

Today I went to the Lauwersmeer with the intention to improve my Speed for this month. I turned out to be the first one at the spot and was not sure about the sailsize. Fortunately I went with my 6,2 Reflex 5 instead of the 7m sail. I tried a Hurricane Speed Rake 30 24cm under a 48cm wide Fanatic speed board.

The day started slow for me which was due to the wind force (F5-F6) but also because I didn’t find the right trim at first. After moving the harness lines a little more forward, the boom up to ~140cm and the mastfoot 5mm Forward I got dialed in and the Speeds were rising up. It’s always good to ride at this spot as it is one of the few port tack speedspots. It’s a good Chance to Train your other leg here 😉 The only Problem is that my Starboard tack asy. fins are useless here…

After a lot of rain I was slowly accompanied by ~20 Dutch Speedsurfers.
The key to going fast today was again all about the slingshot. I did some scary ones up to 500m out into the lake, but the results were always about 2-3kts more Speed compared to the straight line to the beach. The wind increased at noon to about F6-F7 giving me some good runs (36,07kts avg./38,23kts max) and an improvement in the month ranking at GPS Speedsurfing by 0,26kts 😉

The Hurricane speedfin gave a good feeling on the first try, maybe it is alittle bit to big for real wind though. I will have to compare it directly to my C3 Slingshot to give some real feedback.

It was cool to be on the run with so many passionate speedsurfers; here in the Netherlands the sport feels very alive compared to Germany where there is usually only 2-5 People max at the Speedspots. Also the Display of all the latest gear was really interesting. The Speed Blades as well as the new Isonics UltraCore Reflex look really interesting 🙂

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