winter melancholy and a new season ahead

I wake up. I get up and walk past the window. I look out onto the lake and the view sets me off into a mood of melancholy. The lake is still almost completly frozen. Only a small strip of water is showing some little waves. A light breeze of easterly winds is blowing over the frozen lake. Thoughts of grabbing the biggest Formula kit and surfing in the strip of open water come to my mind. I walk out onto the balcony with my morning coffee and walk back in after a couple of seconds. Off course it is still far to cold to think about going out on the water. Another night with -5°C. Another day without Windsurfing. It has been almost two months since the last session. With two weeks left of vacation the hope for warmer weather and the first sessions after a long abstinence fade.

Icy Möhnesee
Icy Möhnesee

Winter is a hard time for passionate Windsurfers. Thinking back on the warm summer days with enough wind to plane around, waiting for the weather to turn is torture the longer you haven’t hit the water. As winter is putting us all on a break this time of year, for many of us it’s the time to change sponsors, equipment and get into shape by hitting the gym and doing cardiovascular excercises.

For me 2017 holds a lot of promise and I’m fully motivated to take my Windsurfing to the next Level. I love the variety of this sport and so I’ll paticipate in Formula, Slalom and Speed again. As my studies will leave me some more time compared to last year I’ll also be attending as many events as possible.

As speedsurfing is the most fascinating discipline to me I’ll be laying my focus on breaking my own Personal Bests yet again (40,72kts average/43,08 Peak) and climbing up the ladder in the German Speed King 2017. 2016 has already been a successful year as I could achieve my first podium finish in the GSK Binnen category with a 3rd place and a combined Speed of 33,57 knots. My Goal for this year is to break into the Top-10 in the Overall category (18th/109 2016). To achieve this I already upgraded some of my gear (read more in the next post).

As for Slalom and Formula Windsurfing I will attend several Events of the German Windsurfing association, but also other events are on my list this year:

One hour classic (Lake Garda)

Swiss Windsurfing (Hyeres)

Defi Wind (Gruissan)

Swiss Championship (Silvaplana lake)

I hope to Progress as much as possible this year and enjoy many days on the water. Especially after spending the last 6 months at sea, Ican’t wait for the first sessions in 2017!

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