home for Christmas and back on the Water

It has been a while since my last post and I have neglected this blog for the last couple month. This has a simple reason: As part of my studies in the Nautical field I am currently working at sea on a merchant vessel as a Trainee, so my Windsurfing activities have been on hold for the last four month.

However I have had a week vacation over Christmas and managed to hit the water almost everyday with a low pressure System hitting Europe with some wind (not as much as expected) and temperatures just high enough to go Windsurfing.

The 23rd I went to Ouddorp Haven in South-Holland to visit the speedspot that has produced some outstanding Speeds in 2016 in the speedsurfing Scene. I hoped for powered session with 6,2 and my  50cm Speedboard, but the wind didn’t really come through that day and it was just enough to plane around. 30kts max Speed was the best I could do that day; the spot however Looks excellent, and with small fins (which is a must have at this spot (>>25cm!!!)) this spot WILL hopefully deliver for me the next time…

Ouddorp Haven
Ouddorp Haven – Speedsurfing







The 26th I went to the Lauwersmeer at the opposite end of the Netherlands to better my Speeds from Ouddorp Haven. The wind came through a little better then in my previous session, but unfortunately still 10kts shy of the forecast; not allowing me to get my 6,2/50cm speed Combo powered up. Still the angle was good and I cruised alongside the coastline with speeds of 30-33kts and lasted 70km in the cold water…

The best sessions this week were at home on the Möhnesee with borrowed equipment:

A 8,6 Gaastra Vapor with a 78cm wide JP Slalom board which I paired with my Z-SL 43 S-. This is an outstanding fin and I managed to surpass 32kts peakspeeds on both days.

Finally I build a mast mount for my GoPro camera, and tested it on the 27th with Formula gear which produced some nice Images and Motion Pictures:


sunshine Formula
sunshine Formula
entering the jibe
entering the jibe
blasting full speed
blasting full speed










Finally as this page is focused on speedsurfing, here is the Speed summary from this week:

 date 2 sec 10 sec 5×10 sec spot dist. board sail fin
 23.12. 30,01  29,29  28,89  Ouddorp  53km  HTS 50  Reflex 6,2m  C3 Slingshot 21
 24.12.  32,2  31,23  29,78  Möhnesee  31km  JP SL 78  Vapor 8,6m  Z SL 43 S-
 25.12.  33,42  32,88  32,15  Lauwersmeer  71km  HTS 50  Reflex 6,2m  C3 Slingshot 21
 26.12.  32,68  29,7  26,25  Möhnesee  JP SL 78  Vapor 8,6m  Z SL 43 S-
 27.12.  24,75  24,09  23,63  Möhnesee  Lorch Formula  Vapor 8,6m  Hurricane FRB1 70






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