Speedrecords – 40kts average

La Franqui

The need for speed was there once again 🙂 After my La Franqui sessions in February in medium wind I knew I was capable of going much faster still. Last weekend offered a perfect forecast for the best spot for Speedwindsurfing in Europe: La Franqui.

With 3 good days on the forecast and not much wind in northern Europe lately I couldn’t resist to hit the road again and get to speed-paradise.

Let me say this: It paid of!!! Saturday the 18th looked to be the warm-up day for the next two days. With 15-20kts around noon I opted for the 6,4 sail and my 49cm HTS speedboard. I wanted to practice some slingshots out into the sea to get some good topspeeds. In the light wind I could only get ~ 37kts with that technique though. After a break the wind picked up to a nice 20-30kts, so I rigged the 5,5 KA Race and took the Carbon Art 44cm speedboard, which I have never used before at La Franqui.

A small board is definetly faster at this perfect spot. In the relatively light wind and flat water it was super easy for me to do slingshots and at the end of the day I registered a nice new PB topspeed of 42,33kts… more than 1kt faster than ever before!

The next day I arrived early at the spot and the wind was alot stronger than on Saturday. 30-45kts blew down the Pyrenees from a perfect angle, not super broad, but with perfectly flat water. I used my CA 44cm board again with a 21cm C3 slingshot and for the first time a 5,0 Point-7 AC-1 from 2011. The runs were super easy with this kit: close to the beach, I peaked some 40-42 kts in every run. The runs were very good too, with my best run (41kts) early in the day. It was really scary to do deep slingshots for me as slowing down further out in the choppy water at speeds of 40kts+ was not that easy. In order to improve the previous day’s topspeed it was necessary to do slingshots, so as I got more and more confident in the strong winds I tried my luck. The last slingshot of the day proved to be the one, in a super nice gust I hit 43,67kts peakspeed. The 10-sec run was just 39,5kts though. I think the key to get really good 10-sec speeds is to find a nice long gust and go close to the beach for 7-8 seconds and than do the slingshot to keep a high average…

The last day the wind was 10 kts lighter again, so I switched my 5,0 with my 6,2 KA Koncept. The conditions were still really good and I am happy I could do two runs of 40,2 kts and 41,5kts peakspeed. This is also a big improvement on this sail size.

So the trip was a full success with many Personal Bests and alot of fun on and off the water with many nice speedsurfers from all over Europe.

2 sec max 10 sec 5×10 sec 500 m
Saturday 18th June 42,16 39,59 38,52 37,88
Sunday 19th June 43,08 41,07 40,72 39,83
Monday 20th June 41,41 40,29 38,87 38,96
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3 thoughts on “Speedrecords – 40kts average”

    1. Hey William,
      that depens on the wind strength, for speed I like angles of 100-140° off the wind, the stronger the wind is the deeper you can go…

  1. Thanks for the reply. Slower windsurfers like me need all the help we can get.

    Enjoy your posts.

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