Speedsurfing @ Steinhude with light E-winds

I have not been so busy working on my blog lately, but I managed to get out on the water quite a few times in the last two weeks and make some progress in my windsurfing.

We’ve had an incredible week of Eastwinds with warm temperatures and sun. In this conditions the Steinhuder Meer is always a nice option, as the Eastwind is usually quite strong in the inland. After some nice days on my 8,6m sail/81 Tabou Manta the windmachine was turned on for Sunday/Monday with ~ 20-28 kts on both days. This made for some good runs on the lake and I could climb up the all-time-ranking at Steinhude from 15th to 6th position. On Sunday I used my 7,1m Ga Vapor sail with a 91l Fanatic Falcon (2006). Finding a flat spot at the east-end of the lake I could do some runs in really flat water. The water being so flat though is because, with a water depth of ~2m, only the upper 20-40cm are actually water, everything below that is a mixture of thick mud and water. This makes it really difficult to get fast with longer fins due to the increased friction. As I used my 32cm Hurricane fin I think the mud slowed me down quite a bit. My results of the day you can see in the table below:

Topspeed (2 sec) 34,81 kts
Average speed (5x10sec) 32,95 kts
best 10 sec run 33,27 kts
500m 31,98 kts
NM 23,97 kts
distance 81 km

With these numbers I am quite contend as I broke all my PB’s at Steinhude, but I wanted to try whether I could be more efficient with my speed gear in these conditions. So on Monday I decided to give the HTS 49cm/6,4m GA Vapor a try. Paired with a 25cm fin I didn’t slow down because of the mud as much, but the wind was unfortunately very gusty and the angle and strength not as good as on Sunday, so I had to swim a lot in between the gusts… This was not so bad with 27° though and also paid of. I caught a few gusts (~25kts) in the flat section of the lake and the small kit converted that into more speed. In the end when the wind is sufficient and the water flat enough a Speedboard is usually faster than a Slalomboard… You can see my speeds from Sunday below:

Topspeed (2 sec) 35,38 kts
Average (5×10 sec) 33,15 kts
best 10sec run 34,27 kts
500m 28,7 kts
NM 22,41 kts
distance 67 km

To wrap it up I’d like to say that speedsurfing is a really great way to enjoy windsurfing, as you can always challenge yourself no matter where you get out on the water and it gives you motivation to constantly better your technique and gear. I’m really excited to see where the journey at the Steinhuder Meer is going to for me, as the spot showed some of its potential these last days. I’ll try to find the perfect day here to hopefully better my speeds again…


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