new perspectives and a trip to speed paradise 40,94kts

speedsurfing 41 kts
speedsurfing 41 kts

Today I finally found some time to get back to writing a bit on this blog. A lot has happened for me this past month. Starting nautical science in Elsfleth I finally moved to the north of Germany and I’m really excited to live close to so many nice spots now, e.g. Lauwersmeer, Dorum, Zwischenahner Meer, Großes Meer, etc. I can’t wait to try out some of these spots soon and hopefully continue my speedquest in the Netherlands and the German mud flats…

Speaking about speed; I wanted to go back to La Franqui to increase my PB’s in speedsurfing for quite some time, and just in the last week of February I managed to squeeze in a week of speedsailing and make the 3000km long drive there and back.

la franqui 1

The forecast for the week did not look so windy but as I experienced a medium windy day can turn into a great day at La Franqui with up to 10kts local effect boosting the windstrength up.

So in these 6 days I ended up with 3 nice speedsessions, which is not so bad. After my upgrade to KA sails 2014 speedsails it was also a good chance to test my new gear, and I have to say it worked really nice. The first day the wind was around 18-22kts so I used a 90l Isonic with 32cm Hurricane Slalom fin and my 7,1 KA Race. Later I switched to the 6,2 Koncept which was pretty underpowered but still faster. Both sails performed really nice (33,7 kts average/35,82 kts top).

la franqui 2IMG_20160223_120215

The second day I finally got some good conditions, a nice angle and some 25 kts, so I rigged the 5,5 KA Race/49cm HTS SR/C3 slingshot. This combination was just great, and even though the wind was still not that strong I got some nice speeds ~38kts. Knowing that slingshotting is crucial at this spot I practiced a lot of these, and in the end I managed to get some extraspeed out of the slingshot and ended up with a Vmax of 40,94 kts which is a new PB for me. Also I raised my average speed to 37,68 kts.

The last day I got some lighter wind again so I took the chance to improve my mile speed to 33 kts in really square conditions. Overall it was a successful trip with new PR’s again, though the wind could have been a little stronger, but I guess that’s just the essence of speedsurfing: All the elements have to align…

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