First session 2016/ winter windsurfing

Möhnesee winter windsurfing
Möhnesee winter windsurfing

Today I did my first session in 2016. Unlike december, now in january the winter has arrived. I used my Tabou Manta 85 with 9,5 Vapor and 49cm Sonntag fin again. It is great to cruise around for awhile in winter when no one else is on the lake and I have it all to myself. With 3 degrees it has been my coldest session this year and I do not go out when it’s freezing. Here are a couple things I can recommend to keep warmer and safer in winter:

  • Do not get out alone or on a dangerous spot. Something can always go wrong. In summer this is no big deal, you can swim back ashore when your gear breaks, but in winter it can be very risky when you’re to far out and you cannot get any help.
  • Keep your sessions short. In winter I still windsurf up to one hour in a session, but then I usually quit even though I might feel I still have some energy in me. Wearing yourself completely out is not smart when low temperatures cost extra energy.
  • Winter neo, winter boots, neopren hood or mask, neopren gloves and a lifevest keep you warm. Some people prefer drysuits, some regular winterneos. This is really up to preferance. I personally found that a good wetsuit works just as well as a drysuit and is cheaper.
  • Choose big gear you are comfortable with. I usually use my biggest slalomboard in winter even with smaller sails. The extra volume gives me the chance to always be able to easy uphaul and I am able to always get back ashore without swimming even if the wind dies.

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4 thoughts on “First session 2016/ winter windsurfing”

  1. Moin,
    sieht es auf dem Bild / Vid nur so aus, oder hälst du das Segel nicht Close-the-gap und auch nicht aufrecht genug?

    1. Moin,
      normal schließe ich schon die Gap, sieht glaube ich auf dem video einfach so aus…
      andererseits hab ich bei 3 grad lufttemperatur auch nicht soviel gefühl wie sonst, kann also gut sein 😉

  2. Enjoyed the video. Nice kit that seems quite fast. It’s pretty cold here, too, even though we live in the “Southern” US. Our coldest sessions have been around 3-4 C.

    1. Hey thanks, I like creating surfclips and appreciate the feedback 🙂 Have just been out windsurfing in 3-4°, cold but doable with a good wetsuit 🙂

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