My windsurfing 2015/ Expectation for 2016

2015 has passed and the new year has just begun. This is a good point to review my year and set goals for the next one. Without a doubt it has been my best year on the water so far and also the year where I have progressed the most.

What I believe matters the most in improving your windsurfing is actual time on the water. Regarding that I took every chance to get out there, even if conditions were often marginal. I ended up getting out on the water 130 times this year, doing 4040km (2180 NM). I record all my session with my Locosys GT-31 GPS so I can give you this numbers pretty accurately now.

My focus this year was on improving my speeds and gaining as much racing experience as possible. For the first time ever I did a peakspeed of 40kts in February at La Franqui, France. This was an amazing feeling and I can’t wait to beat my own speeds again. I did do a lot of testing and tuning on my speedkit and tried a lot of (older) material. I believe this has given me a better understanding of how to tune my gear for higher speeds. I have gotten close to the 40kts boarder in both november (39,08) and december (39,40)in worse conditions at Holland. You got to have goals to improve, so mine is to get a 5x10sec average of 40kts in 2016.

Speedsurfing being my real passion, I still enjoyed some great Slalom and Formula windsurfing events this year. I have some mixed emotions on my results though and did not really reach my goals here, with my best result being a 22nd place at Fehmarn in early 2015. My biggest problem here was the lack of experience. With only few races being completed in most events I did not get into the groove. However I did learn alot about tactics and still improved alot compared to 2014.

In 2016 I plan to attend some more Slalom, Formula and Speed Events. The first thing on my windsurfing agenda will be my yearly trip to Leucate in early spring. I hope 2016 will rock again with lots of wind, nice people and great experiences.

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