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manta 85, topspeed
topspeed manta 85

Since my last posting I have been pretty busy. Having warm temperatures with wind almost every day right before christmas makes for some busy days. I got two more very nice sessions on the Möhnesee on my 85 Manta with 9,5, ending up with a topspeed of 31,08 knots. This is an improvement of 1,7 knots for this kit ( previously 29,28 knots).

A 85 Slalom board is not really ideal for speedsurfing, since it’s anticipated to work in very light winds, being the biggest Slalom board allowed in official competitions. The tail on such a board is rather wide which makes for early planing, but of course also costs some topspeed compared to more powerful 80cm wide boards.

I have now gotten used to the board after 5 days of sailing it in anything from 7-25 knots and was more comfortable to go downwind without compromise in the bigger gusts and despite some chop. Despite my doubts about how the board would react in chop, I can now say that it is no problem to get the biggest slalom board going in small to medium chop. Of course it is crucial to use a soft fin. For me the 49cm Sonntag Sl-R does the job perfectly.

I am now thinking about where this board might max out. Having done 31 knots with a 9,5 leaves me thinking that this board might handle 32.5 with a 8,6?! I’ll try to get there in the next couple of sessions.

I also just did a lot of cruising around on this kit and just enjoyed the early planing and especially the ease of sailing it. I usually use my Formula gear in winds of ~10-12 knots but had a lot of fun sailing the Slalom gear these last couple of days because it just feels a lot lighter and easier. That left me with 250 sailed kilometers in just 6 days of sailing, including 4 afterwork sessions. Can you get a better christmas present than that? 😉

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16 thoughts on “more Slalom / improved topspeeds”

  1. Where do You set the mastfoot with the 9,5 (middle of the track, or more Forward). I have a similar Setup (Manta 85, Z-Fin 48, Point7 ACK 9,4) and would be interested how You tune the gear.
    Best regards


    1. Depends on the conditions, but with the 9,5 I usually go with the middle of the track, the flatter the conditions are the more I move the masttrack to the back (1 cm back from middle max.)

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