Slalom testing (Sonntag fins/Tabou Manta)

slalom reflexI’m very happy to be able to still get out on the water, despite it being a couple days before christmas now. With the strange weather we are having these last few days I was able to get out on the water three days in a row now.

On Saturday I went over to the Lauwersmeer. With the conditions not being good enough for some speedsurfing I trained a bit on my big Slalom gear: a 85 Tabou Manta with a 49cm Sl-R Sonntag fin which I both tested for the first time combined with my 8,6 Severne Reflex 4. Conditions were actually quite challenging with over 20 knots in the gusts but I managed to hold on do some nice jibes and clock in 50km. I was surprised at how easy a 85 wide board can fly over the chop, which can get quite nasty at themöhnesee 3 Lauwersmeer with southerly winds. Also what I noticed was that the very soft Sonntag fin works great for planing through the patches and has great accelaration out of the jibes, but I’ll get more into that in the gear review section. I was happy with my speed of 28,5 knots topspeed on such big gear considering it was my first try. 🙂

möhnesee 1Sunday and today I tested the Sonntag fin some more on my homespt with the 85 but also the 81 Manta. With some sunshine and 10-18 knots I used my 8,6 Reflex and my 9,5 Vapor. With the Vapor I got to 27,5 knots topspeed, with the 8,6 to 29,5 knots. My Alpha speeds were around 19,5 knots which I’m pretty happy with in these light winds.

Looks like this Christmas holidays I’ll be on the water again with the next few days looking windy, so I’ll keep you posted here.


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