My Approach to GPS-Speedsurfing

speedsurfing la franqui
Speedsurfing La Franqui

When it comes to speedsurfing there generally seem to be two kind of windsurfers. On the one hand there is the kind of surfer that gets onto the kit and goes surfing without a break until he’s to tired to continue. On the other hand many speeders wait around a lot to catch the perfect gust at their best energy level to get the magic run.

I found myself to fall under the first mentioned category. Especially for beginning speedsurfers I believe this to be the better approach to a fun session, since you’ll windsurf a lot more and will progress faster. Also if you ride more you’ll do more runs which should result in a better 5x10sec average for beginners.

The second category of course has some advantages for GPS-speedsurfing and is the perfectionist approach. Speedsurfing itself is a category that is even more then slalom-windsurfing a category for perfectionists. You have to find the exact perfect sail trim, base position, harnessline position, etc. and sometimes you have to test alot of fins and masts before you find your perfect match for your gear, but even more importantly you have to be at the right place at the right time. If you are not out on the water at that magic moment every speedsurfer experiences from time to time, where all the elements, like wind strength, wind angle and water level align; the best-rigged sail and perfect preparation cannot make up for it.

As I progress as a speedsurfer I have noticed the importance of staying calm“ during my speedsessions. Of course I always get excited when I see a big windforecast and feel some tension, but it is important to not get overly hyped. For instance if you pull a little to much on the boom you tend to slow down. That happens to me when I am not relaxed on the water. So in order to have a nice speedsession I need to take away some of the tension and force myself to take some breaks during my session. Also don’t stop having fun while surfing by only looking at the numbers on the GPS in every run.

The bottom line I want to share here is don’t rush yourself with GPS-speedsurfing. It is addictive, but it can also get frustrating especially in the beginning if you only compare yourself to others. I’m currently somewehre in between where I started speedsurfing and where I want to be. The thing that increased my speeds the most this year was to relax more. Try to improve yourself in every session, have fun and test what gear and settings work best for you, then the speeds will better and better themselves.

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