GPS Speed day at Strand Horst

Speedsurfing Strand Horst
Speedsurfing Strand Horst

Speedsurfing is all about improving yourself. On December 6th I managed just that.

Strand Horst works best in the wintertime, because the water level is lower that time of year. This lower water level results in flatter water and faster speeds of course.

So I have been looking for a

strand horst day
Day ranking, Wolderwijd Strand Horst, Dec. 6th

good day since November here, but there was not much wind last month so I was pretty happy to see some wind. On the forecast the wind was predicted with 24-40 kts but just until around 1:30pm so I went to Holland early in the morning with the intention of beating my Spot best, which was 34,82 knots average.

The wind was not that strong when I arrived so I rigged a 6,4 Gaastra Vapor with my 49cm speedboard and a 25cm Select custom speedfin. I went downwind to the flattest spot. There I got some good gusts and got powered up to 37,5 kts topspeed but couldn’t get any better speed than that for the next hour. I went back upwind to the parking lot to take a break since I couldn’t go any faster. When i got upwind it looked like gusts were coming in pretty good just upwind of the small moles which you can see in the picture below:

strand horst
Topspeed on Strand Horst with SW

First run there was a 37, third one a 39,4 (73 km/h) topspeed. This is the fastest I have ever been in Holland and my second fastest topspeed overall, only problem was that I got these speeds just 50m before the moles so I had to push the rails hard to jibe away quickly at the end of each run 🙂 Got some 35 and 36 kts 10sec runs still

I also tested a C3 Slingshot 21cm speedfin, which I got up to 38kts topspeed. The fin feels really nice, no hint of spinout and good upwind. I’ll put up some more detailed review on that fin soon here.

It was a great day with all the dutchies and some guys from NRW, Strand Horst on a windy winter day is always nice. For me it is also the chance to see where I’m at with my speedsurfing since there are so many speedies to compare yourself with. I’m still 5 kts short of the top guys like Sander van Huizen, but everytime I come to Strand Horst I am a bit faster. I can’t wait for a day with this wind direction and water level but 5-10 knots more to get on the <6m sails. Speedsurfing is a long road to perfection in the end.

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