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Hey there,

Welcome to In this first article I will talk about my motivation why I started this blog, and will try to give you an impression on what kind of articles you can expect.

Windsurfing is an awesome sport with many facets. From your first experiences on a beginner board, your first tacks, waterstarts, jibes, etc. to riding big waves, racing on a slalom circuit  or rushing down a superflat speedspot, there is always something new to discover with every session.

Since I started windsurfing in 2010 at 17 years of age I immediately became hooked to the thrill of speed. One thing led to another and I bought a GPS device and became addicted to trying to improve myself in every session. In 2014 I started competing in my first few national races. This year I also started with Formula windsurfing, which probably has the most tactical approach to windsurfing. (some results here)

At the moment I am preparing for the 2016 season, where I want to compete in a variety of Speed, Slalom and Formula events.

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