Neilpryde RS:Racing Evo 8 – Speed in another league?

New year, new sail…

Neilpryde Evo Speed
Neilpryde Evo Speed

Yes I have bought a Neilpryde RS:Racing Evo 8 sail in 5,6m. Why? Well I want to find out which is fastest sail for speedsurfing. So far I have been On Severne’s Reflex sails for the last two years and I have been quite content  with them. So what are my findings on the EVO sail?

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drone for windsurfing – DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom 2
DJI Phantom 2

Over the holidays I purchased a cheap older model of the DJI Phantom drone and tested how well it works to record aerial windsurf footage. Over the last couple years drones have become a cheap and powerful tool to capture aerial footage. With the new drones being capable of capturing smooth footage due to gimbals and several automated systems the biggest question for aerial windsurf fotography remains: How much wind can these drones take.

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two sessions in Dorum

Dorum harbour at night
Dorum harbour at night

Over the last week I have discovered a new spot for myself, where I can train with the small speedboards and the best part is the spot is less than a one hour drive from where I live. Last Thursday I tried Dorum for the first time with stronger winds. On this spot you have a chance to sail approximately 2 hours before and after low water, but at low water the water level is to low and it is dangerous.

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windy fall – training session in Herkingen

This time of year it’s fairly windy in Northern Europe. I’ve got some nice training sessions in already, but I’m still looking for that one windy day to break record. In the meantime I try to train as much as possible on the water to keep progressing in lighter winds and of course to be ready for the real record-breaking conditions

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VIDEO Speedsession in Büsum

On Friday I had a nice session in Büsum, no records but good training and good fun! Maxed out at 42,7 kts/ 79 kmh with a really broad angle. I also used my new GoPro Hero 6 for the first time for this video, and what I particularly like is the improved electronic image stabilization and the GPS-overlay. I will write a little review about how well the new GoPro works for windsurfing in the next days